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    The Kelly Slater Wave Company Generates Froth

    The Kelly Slater Wave Co. Generates Froth

    In Case You Missed It...

    On December 18th, 2015 Kelly Slater sent the world a Christmas Card no one saw coming; the first glimpse of his passion project affectionately nicknamed the #FreakofNature.

    While this may not be the first man-made wave, this solar powered right is a thing of beauty with it's redwood colored water and seemingly endless barrels.  The excitement was palpable as Kelly saw the wave for the first time, and the ecstasy on his face as he finished his maiden ride rivaled most kids come Christmas Day.  Happy Hollow Days, indeed.

    The New Surf Destination?
    The search for the perfect wave has been going on as long as surfing has been around.  For those of us lucky enough to travel, the allure of exotic cultures goes hand in hand with the promise of fresh waves.  The question on the mind of many surfers is who will actually be riding Kelly's fun new toy?  The Central California location leaves much to be desired in regard to travel accommodations.  Or is the KS Wave Co planning to expand a la Starbucks with waves popping up all over?  Right now it's all conjecture, with no plans to make the eave available to the public, and no idea of the possible cost of each wave.
    For land-locked areas, this is the pipe dream we've been waiting for.  This technology has the potential to bring waves to areas devoid of natural bodies of water, thus exposing our sport to a new audience and possibly offering a resurgence in retail sales for the struggling surf industry.
    A Wet Dream Come True

    After the initial glimpse, things went quiet and Slater sat back watching the froth build.  In the past week, we've been treated to new footage from the Freak of Nature being ridden by some of the biggest names in surfing.

    Judging by from the smiles plastered to their faces, this barreling right really is a wet dream come true.  Imagine how good it would be for us average folks who don't make a habit of (or a living) surfing the world's best waves.

     From Kelly's posts, you get the feeling this is the KS Wave Co.'s version of R&D.  He has alluded to the idea this is the beta version, though the most noticeable change thus far is the color of the water.  In the meantime he is leaving us with video clips to watch on repeat as we wait for the opportunity at a Golden Ticket.

    The World Stage

    Perhaps this changes nothing for the average Joe, but on the professional level this has the potential to change everything.  From new tricks to contests, this watery ramp levels the playing field.  Imagine the possibility of world tour contests truly testing who is the greatest surfer, rather than watching as your favorite surfer in knocked out waiting for a set.  The talk of the next Olympic sport is suddenly more than pipe dreams.

    If nothing less, it is a beautiful feat of engineering.  While the world waits for answers, we're just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    All footage (and more!) can be found on the KS Wave Company's YouTube Channel.

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